too much pausing?

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Too Much Pausing?

I am recognizing that Pausing Turtle and I need to maintain some kind of balance…Too much pausing can be just as sticky as not pausing enough. As my meditation teacher has reminded me often, I need to spend less time turning things over inside and take action. I am finding that this is true for my writing as well. I have started 4 or 5 (okay probably 6) posts for my Blog. I keep going back to them, trying to get them just right before posting…and I keep hearing my teacher’s voice saying “Take action, Kathy”.

I have been belaboring on those 6 posts, which I think are all very compelling and wanting to get another post out soon. I want to keep the momentum going. Yet time is moving forward as I pause and pause, looking for just the right word, how best to express my experiences on this journey. I realize I am belaboring on these writings because I am listening to ego, which is telling me I am not good enough; I will never find just the right word. And of course if I don’t have just the right word, am not witty, profound, etc, no one will be interested in reading my writings.

My Blog may not be perfect (flawless, seamless, ideal, watertight, exceptional, outstanding,    exceptional…pick a word, any word), but I created it. And I moved through my fears and went public with it. This writing may not be all those words above either, but I am listening to my teacher, and taking action. I am encouraging ego to take a break, and publishing this post. I love to write and I love sharing with all of you as I continue to wander and wonder on this amazing journey.