Request of support

salt spring...sun going downAs I continue to explore opportunities that will nourish and support a vibrant life, which includes facilitating healing on many levels (for myself and others), I am reaching out to you with a request of support for a current project.

The thread of integrating two of my passions – creative expression and honoring end of life – continues to weave through my life. I am creating a series of note cards that can be gifted to those who are nearing end of life. These cards, featuring my photos and haikus, will give people an opportunity to wish someone well on their journey to the next realm.

The rite of passage at end of life is one of the most important times in a person’s life – a part of a beautiful cycle we all share in common. Yet we don’t typically acknowledge or celebrate with them – we often have difficulty honoring this very sacred time in a loved one’s life. My hope is to help others to move towards awareness and acceptance of the fact that we all die and that along with sadness and the missing, it is a time of celebration as well as a letting go. These note cards will provide the opportunity to celebrate someone’s life and death, to let them know how much they are loved, and to wish them a peaceful journey.

For more information and to support me in this endeavor, please go to support