New Note Cards at the Marketplace!

llp mrktplace image

Continually moved by beauty and the call to create,
I offer these cards with my heart-felt wish to share the abundant beauty that surrounds us all…

alive with stillness - Copy

I have always loved making art. It is an inner experience, a form of meditation. When I am making art, I am in a place of not knowing – I begin, and see what unfolds. This is similar to how I live my life – not knowing and being open to the unfolding. Making art is healing – it opens me up, fills me up….it nourishes me and helps me to keep a sense of balance. It helps remind me to notice how things are in this moment. I want to walk through this world with my heart open; fully awake, fully alive… Making art helps me remember this.

I am not sure when I started making note cards. I used to cut and paste (literally) the images, create collages and use a copy machine to make note cards for friends and family. It was a very hands-on process. Working with a digital camera and a computer is a completely different process, and my cards look quite different than they did back in the day!


A number of years ago I became fascinated with Haiku and have been creating them ever since. It is a simple (not easy!) and profound way of capturing what is in this moment in the written language, just like capturing a moment with the camera. Both are intriguing to me. I have never considered myself a photographer, but I love to take photographs. I then began integrating the Haiku and the photos. I love the process of bringing the two together – it is a mystery as to how that actually happens! Recently, a dear friend, who knows a great deal about Haiku, told me about Haiga, which is a Japanese style of painting where the artist combines the painting with the written verse of Haiku. For me, instead of paintings, it is combining photos and Haiku.

My mom has always told me that I could sell my note cards – and I am!!

darkness welcomes light - Copy

Coming to this point has been a slow journey (pausing turtle at her best!). Last year I participated in Maia Duerr’s on-line course, Fall in Love with Your Work. This course, which continues to be a fundamental source of inspiration and support, has empowered me to begin creating a “liberation-based livelihood” as opposed to feeling pressured into a job that is not fulfilling, a job that stifles me, drains me… Through the work I have done in this course, I have discovered more clarity re my life’s purpose and how that purpose can be integrated into my work (and vise versa).

Through this course, I was able to take the steps to create this website in order to share my journey with all of you. As a graduate of this course, last year I had the opportunity to sell my note cards on the Virtual Holiday Faire via the Liberated Life Project website, and was delighted with the number of cards that sold! This year I again have the opportunity to share my cards with you on the LLP Marketplace, which will be open through January 2015. Along with my work, the Marketplace features other artists and their products, as well as services offered, such as mindfulness support, intuitive readings & energy work. Please check out the LLP Marketplace to find some beautiful creations and useful services to give as gifts to someone you love, which can include yourself!
our hearts connected - Copy

With  love and gratitude ~ Katya/Kathy





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