deep gratitude to the Water Protectors


My heart is heavy and full of hope all at once as I continue to follow what the amazing Water Protectors are doing in North Dakota. There is heaviness in my heart because of how these courageous and steadfast people are being treated. There is hope in my heart because these courageous and steadfast people are not giving up. More and more Protectors are showing up at Standing Rock and those of us who are not able to be there standing next to them are sending prayers and support. Please join me in remembering them as they stand to protect the water and the earth for all of us.

None of this is new to First Nations people. They have been doing this for a very long time. What is different is the Life Force that continues to grow, connecting people from all over the world. It is time to wake up.

If you are not aware of who the Water Protectors are or what is going on at Standing Rock in North Dakota, I encourage you to explore… Here are just two sites. There are many others…

One thought on “deep gratitude to the Water Protectors

  1. one year later… re-membering, honoring, re-committing to look at the ways i am implicated in taking more from Mother Earth than i give back…. thank you for this, Katya

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