chrysalis institute, richmond va


 …this is solitary work that cannot be done alone ~ Ira Progoff

I have been aware of Chrysalis Institute for many years, but only recently became involved with them. What was I thinking that it took so long? Ah yes, hindsight…But never mind that!

In this moment, I am grateful to be a part of this gem, here in Richmond, VA! A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to offer a ‘kitchen table’ gathering where a wonderful group of people shared experiences and perspectives about healing through creativity. And the following day I facilitated a Roots and Wings day of creative expression. What an honor it was to connect with community in the Chrysalis space.

Creativity, Mindfulness, Wisdom, Compassion and Consciousness
~ Values ~ 

And I am thrilled that I have been asked to be a part of the staff for the next offering of Spiritual Paths: Cultivating a Life of Meaning Through Spiritual Practice. As a spiritual mentor I will work with a few individuals, supporting them on their journey (a passion of mine!). I will also have the opportunity to lead a segment around connecting with the earth and spirit animals (and it involves creativity!). Really looking forward to deepening my connection with Chrysalis, and thus, a deeper connection with myself.

Chrysalis Institute is a vibrant resource and learning center for
exploring insights and practices drawn from the world’s spiritual traditions,
philosophies and contemporary science.
Chrysalis encourages spiritual growth and exploration
beyond the conventional boundaries of any one faith.
~ Mission Statement ~

So, I am writing about this because I wanted to share a bit of what I am up to and my excitement of becoming a part of an amazing non-profit organization.

And a request:

Chrysalis Institute has become such an important part of the Richmond community (and beyond!) that they have outgrown their current space. A huge endeavor is underway as they transition into a new space that will give more people the opportunity to learn, grow, heal… live their lives more fully. In order to create a beautiful and welcoming space for the community, Chrysalis needs to raise the funds to give the new space some much needed TLC.  A crowdfunding campaign has been launched and I am wondering if you would be willing to support this project, which will in turn support me, which in turn will support the Richmond community, which in turn will support many communities, which in turn will support the country and the world and the universe and beyond!

With love and gratitude ~ katya

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