me, rocks, blue sky - Copy

As an artist and social worker, I have developed and facilitated retreats and workshops that integrate creative arts and contemplative practice into healing opportunities. I am deeply inspired by the creative process and see it as an exploration of one’s inner landscape and a way of discovering what is true.

For many years I worked as a hospice social worker (with both children and adults) providing end of life and bereavement support for those who were dying and their family and friends. I am always open to opportunities to connect with others and be in dialogue regarding end of life. We will all be at that sacred moment in time at some point. And when I am able to support others during their dying time or on their grief journey, I truly feel like am connecting with my purpose in this world.

I have always loved making art. It is an inner experience, a form of meditation. When I am making art, I am in a place of not knowing – I begin, and see what unfolds. This is similar to how I live my life – not knowing and being open to the unfolding. Making art is healing – it opens me up, fills me up….it nourishes me and helps me to keep a sense of balance. It helps remind me to notice how things are in this moment. I want to walk through this world with my heart open; fully awake, fully alive… Making art helps me remember this.

I have a strong foundation in meditation practice and faithfully listen to the inner calling of my life’s purpose and the importance of living with intention and awareness.
I continue to explore opportunities that will nourish and support healing on many levels.

Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you and how you are walking through this world!

kllesher [at] gmail [dot]com

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