me, rocks, blue sky - Copy

As an artist and social worker, I have developed and facilitated retreats and workshops that integrate creative arts into healing opportunities for children and adults. I am deeply inspired by the creative process and see it as an exploration of one’s inner landscape and a way of discovering what is true.

For many years I worked as a hospice social worker in Virginia and New York (both pediatrics and adults,) providing end of life and bereavement support for those who were dying and their family and friends. I am the author of “Embracing Life Before and After the Death of a Child,” (Virtual Mentor, a publication of the American Medical Association), as well as “Life Before Facing Death in Pediatric Hospice: An Adolescent’s Journey” (ADEC Forum, a publication of the Association for Death Education and Counseling).

I have a strong foundation in meditation practice and faithfully listen to the inner calling of my life’s purpose and the importance of living with intention and awareness. I continue to explore opportunities that will nourish and support healing on many levels.

Please feel free to contact me: kllesher [at] gmail [dot]com

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