roots & wings

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Nurture Your Roots and Open Your Wings

A chance to gather, create, explore, learn, grow, play…..and just see what happens! 

The only experience necessary is life experience

The workshops give participants the opportunity to drop down, let go of responsibilities, open their hearts, do some healing work, explore and get messy! The focus is collage work (2 or 3 dimensional), and the majority of the day is in silence so that participants can move into a place of reflection and creativity.  There are opportunities for interactive sharing and reflection in the beginning of the day and then at the end.

These workshops are for anyone who is interested in personal and spiritual growth and wishes to enrich their life through creativity. No formal artistic training or experience is necessary – only curiosity and an openness to explore. A safe and sacred space is created where we are all beginners… The process is what is important, not the product; although the product can help us remember the process!

     No dates currently scheduled – stay tuned!


In my work as well as in my life, I have experienced how creative expression opens us up in a way that words cannot. Through creative expression, we have the opportunity to explore our inner landscape and to discover what is true, opening our hearts to healing on many levels.


The workshop…helped me to loosen up with my art. I feel more free to experiment without worrying whether the work is “good” or whether anyone else likes it. WD

Many, many thanks for your care and consideration in helping us all delve into our past. TM

The invitation to go deeply inside and create from that space resonated with me… your facilitation of the day greatly supported that process, as did the music. MD 

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