re-connection+renewal workshops and retreats


Re-Connection and Renewal (R+R!)
Workshops and Retreats
with Katya Lesher and Maia Duerr

A space to:
• re-connect with your innate capacity for peace and wisdom
• renew your source of inspiration
• create the conditions for meaningful work and a life of passion and joy!


“Re-Connection and Renewal” (R+R) is a one-day or multiple day event for individuals and organizations who want to integrate mindfulness into their work and lives.

We draw on our experience as facilitators, healthcare professionals, and long-time meditation practitioners to design an experience that will be nourishing and inspiring for your group. In our workshops and retreats, we emphasize ways that participants can take what they’ve learned back into the workplace.


Workshop and retreat participants will…

  • Discover how mindfulness practice can help us appreciate the present moment more deeply, have greater awareness and focus, and aid in stress reduction
  • Learn effective self-care practices that are easy to implement in the workplace and at home
  • Learn about the Holistic Stress Awareness Model, a tool that empowers us to view stress from a new perspective and explore creative ways to minimize its negative impact
  • Recognize how we may diminish our own effectiveness and negatively impact others by unintentionally carrying stress into other situations; learn how to transform this pattern
  • Cultivate self-compassion as a way of preventing compassion fatigue and burnout
  • Discover how to acknowledge and process challenging experiences in a healthy way
  • Identify systemic stressors and learn about leverage points for organizational change

Who Can Benefit

  • Healthcare Professionals, including physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, healthcare aides, personal care assistants, and hospital and clinic administrators
  • Volunteer Caregivers, including family members
  • We also offer a “Mindfulness in the Workplace” workshop and retreat for professionals in other fields, including educators, activists, and more…


All of our workshops and retreats are custom designed to meet your group’s needs and objectives. We begin with an initial planning conversation in order to discern the best way to move forward. A sample schedule from previous workshops is available upon request.

In general, we offer two options:

1) Re-Connection and Renewal Day of Exploration
One-day workshop (usually from 9 am to 5 pm, with a lunch break)
Maximum number of participants: 50

2) Re-Connection and Renewal Deep Dive
Weekend retreat (usually starting on Friday evening and ending Sunday at noon)
Maximum number of participants: 20

It is also possible for us to design a “Deep Dive” one-day event for a smaller number of participants (20 maximum).

Please use the form below to contact us and let us know about your group’s needs — we’ll get back in touch with you to set up a time to talk about the details.

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