Sacred Rite of Passage

gulls - Copy
    When someone we love is dying, we may want to reach out but not know what to say or do. My hope is that these note cards will encourage an opening to express well wishes to a loved one who is in transition, and thus create an opportunity for people to connect with and embrace this most sacred time of life.  On this page you will find a template that will help you get started with what to write (or say). Please feel free to use it as is, add something more personal, or change it in any way you would like. By sending this card, you are taking an important step to help create change in the way our culture typically deals with death and dying…

Dear _______,
As you transition into this next part of your journey, I hold you in my heart and in my prayers. While this is a time of sadness, it is also can be a time to celebrate your life; a time to continue creating beautiful memories with your family and friends; a time to slow down and embrace each moment…. Please be gentle with yourself and, most importantly, know that you have loved and that you are loved.


* Please note: These cards may not be appropriate for everyone who is in the process of dying.  At times our loved ones are not in a place of acceptance regarding their impending death.

If you would like to learn more about my vision for these cards, please visit
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And please feel free to contact me ~

In Peace ~ Katya

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